Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crochet Flower Boomarks

Here I go again...showing more love to my left over yarn. I LOVE IT!

I start of by crochet a small flower and when I get it to the size I want I then continue to crochet a chain to the desired length and then I attach a cute charm or button or just leave it like that.  

I like to keep it all the same color but in some of these I have decide to go out of my comfort zone and use different colors where the flower is one color and the chain tail is another color.

These are great for little gifts to give to your favorite book club group, teachers or party favor.

Again, just another way to use your leftover yarn and some beads or charms just to jazz it up more.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lightweight Crochet Ponchos
crochet asymmetrical poncho
I started crocheting ponchos about 3 years ago.  I had mentioned before that this creation started off as a cowl idea and then walla it turned into a asymmetrical poncho.

I don't know about you but sometimes when I am crocheting I have one thing in mind and I end up with something else and sometimes it’s on purpose.

I have made some recently that are in a super lightweight yarn and super soft.  I found that making it in a bigger stitch pattern (all of these are made in a chain stitch pattern) would make  it airy and lightweight.  My first one I made for myself because I only had one skein of yarn so I wanted to see how long I could get it be in this pattern. I totally love it and it's still in an asymmetrical pattern but short.  I have received so many compliments on this piece.  So after seeing what I could do in this pattern and with one skein of yarn I decided to make one more in white.  The yarn I am talking about is Caron Simply Soft

I also decided to create another one using this fabulous yarn that is super soft by Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable.  This one definitely made my cut for super soft yarn.  However, this lightweight poncho I used 2 skeins of this yarn to make these.  These are made to fall right at the waist (unlike my first ones which go mid-thigh).

Anyway, I hope you like my creations here because all of them are created in the same style…asymmetrical. 
These ponchos are so cute you can wear it with a cute t-shirt and jeans or a cute maxi dress and boots or even sandals…at least that’s what I have done in the past when it’s not too cold. 
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Warm weather calls for...

So let's see this to me I'd say calls for food, friends, beach, sand and oh wait! Cute accessories to wear!

So let's start off with one of my favorites: choker necklace made of cotton or hemp(macreme). Then some earrings maybe an ankle bracelet or barefoot sandal and a couple of boho chic crochet bracelets and maybe finish it off with a cute flower barrette. Talk about bohochic cuteness!

yolandascreations.storenvy.comI believe that you can wear accessories that will play well in the hot weather. You don't want something heavy that's going to drive you crazy because it's humid outside and hey you know yourself if you're anything like me you will want to rip it off cause you're annoyed that it's hot and clunky and you won't want to wear anything.
Well I can tell you that my style of making jewelry has always been to make things that not only will make you look cute and relaxed but you can definitely wear it anytime of the year it just all depends on how you want to dress up or down your outfit.

What I make I feel and believe in strongly it will keep looking cute and fabulous.  Here I am showing you a couple of crochet seed bead bracelets, a very chic pair of crochet earrings with hand sewn seed beads as well. All the key components I mentioned in the beginning to make your outfit.

I used Aunt Lydia's crochet thread #3/yarn for the earrings - which I normally find a variety of colors and thread size at Jo-Ann Fabric. As for the embroidery floss/thread for the bracelets I find a big variety at Michaels.

yolandascreations.storenvy.comRemember hot weather doesn't mean no accessories...just find the right pieces that will work well with the weather.

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