Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pink, Pink, Pink

I really like the fact that there are so many shades and textures of pink yarn.  I like cotton yarn because of how it holds it's shape yet I like acrylic yarn as well because of the softness it gives. 

Here you will see a variety of pink shades of yarns that I have used to create several of my creations.

I have a small pink mini purse/caddie on the left that I made with cotton yarn and the one to the top right is also a pink cotton but a different shade of pink. The one on the bottom right is made with a pink acrylic yarn.

No matter how you see (that it's all pink) they all hold their own personality and uniqueness.  Just like they hold their own personality and uniqueness with whatever you want to make with the different shades of yarn that might say pink or yellow or red etc. 

Have fun picking any shade of your favorite color and be adventurous with your creations.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Crochet Cotton Sage Ombre Baby Booties

crochet cotton
baby booties
Here I am showing you a crochet cotton baby booties that I created recently.  Believe it or not this is not even an entire skein of cotton yarn.  I had enough to make these and possibly one more pair.  Great way again to use up your left over yarn from a previous project.

The yarn I used is by Lily Sugar'n Cream Country Sage Ombre (the link will give you an idea what the yarn looks like).  I can tell you if you are like me sometime the cotton yarn can be a tad bit expensive.  I take advantage of getting several colors and skeins when they are on sale or I use a coupon.  I totally love this yarn.  I love using these for several creations.  I like getting mine from AC Moore and racking up on my points! to get more in the future - what can I tell you...I love being given credit for purchasing items in my local store.   But I also will get them at Michaels or Joann's online. 

Now for this here I did crochet the bottom part first and then I crochet the band across the bootie and then sewed it on with the same yarn and then sewed the button afterwards.

The is all done with a 1 double crochet stitch throughout the entire bootie.  All of the ones I have made (and once I get all the pictures done you will see) measure 3 inches long.  They are also machine washable.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Crochet Pink Baby Booties

crochet newborn booties
color: pink poodle
I wanted to share with you my latest creation...I haven't done baby booties in awhile so I decided to work on some recently.  These here are so small (2inches long).  I think they came out so adorable.  They tie up on top (ankle area).  The yarn I used was a soft acrylic baby yarn by Vanna's Choice color: pink poodle.  The flowers I had in a basket to use for projects and I thought it was perfect for these little cute booties. 

I have more and will share once I crop the pictures and get them looking right.  I hope you like these ...I really enjoyed making them.

Oh and they are machine washable too!!!