Thursday, August 27, 2015

Creative PaperClips

I enjoy crafting.  When I discovered that I could do more with paperclips then hold papers I was coming up with all sorts of ideas.

My favorite one is gluing crochet flowers on colorful paperclips.  You can use it to hold papers and even better yet you can use it as a bookmark.  I like making these as simple or as funky as possible.

I purchased my colorful paperclips from Staples.  They had all of these colorful vinyl-coated metal jumbo clips in these small 3x3 boxes at the check out counter (purple, orange, yellow) I just had to buy them.

So I basically take my pretty crochet flowers, cut a piece of felt (I purchased mine at AC Moore they measure about 9x12)to match the dimension of the flower, use my hot glue gun (or you can use craft flue), I glue the clip on top of the felt piece then glue the flower on top.  I put something heavy on it to ensure it glues all the way.

Once you are done you are ready to use your creative paper clip.  Use for your own personal self of hand them out as a little gift at your next craft show. 

Have fun making these even with buttons.  Use the same concept as the crochet flower. Who ever said a paperclip has to be boring! 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY - Bottles...

I enjoy repurposing items I already have.  For example, I have seen online especially on
www.yolandascreations.storenvy.comPinterest upcycling of wine bottles or just any type of bottle. I think this is super cute and super unique in using materials you already have and giving it an entire new life.

Here I took a couple of salad dressing bottles that I had in my cabinet.  Since I lost or threw away the dressing spout that it came with I didn't have the heart to throw the bottles away because I knew I could use it for something else (crafters always think like this!).  I added some hemp and twine to the bottles with hot glue.  I did buy the flowers from my local craft store and attached the flowers with some artistic wire in a color that would compliment the bottle.

This project didn't take me hours to fact I'd say after getting everything I needed it took me about 1 hour.

Be creative with some of your bottles! And have fun while being creative.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crochet Necklace/Bracelet

crochet necklace bracelet,
color: rust thread
amber gold seed beads
Here is something very cute and dainty and I love making these! I love the fact that I can wear it as a necklace or as a wrap around bracelet.

Since I am trying to incorporate all of my talents into multiple uses here is one creation that did from embroidery thread and seed beads.

crochet necklace bracelet
color: agua blue
blue opague seed beads
I start off by stringing about 100 seed beads (using a needle to help string them) and if I plan on using a charm I will string that as well or if you forget to string the charm that is fine too just use a jump ring to secure it wherever you want afterwards.  Anyway, so string all your beads and crochet away.  I would crochet 3 single crochet and bring one of the beads and crochet that into my next stitch and I would continue to do this til I got to the length I wanted my necklace to be.  Now keep in mind this is what I did so that it can accommodate my wrist and the length I want for a necklace you do what you feel you want and need to accommodate what you want. 

Once I reached the length I wanted (which is approximately 20 inches long) I would then close it off by making a loop and I would attach my bead or button afterwards.  Remember when creating your loop you want to make sure whatever bead or button you want to use will fit through your loop.
Be creative with this idea…you can use hemp (which I did as well), embroidery thread, friendship thread, Aunt Lydia’s yarn (3ply) which is very thin (I used this as well)  FYI: with the Aunt Lydia’s yarn I found I could find more variety of color at Joann’s.  Most of my threads I purchased from AC Moore or Michaels.  

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