Friday, March 13, 2015

Crochet Pink Baby Booties

crochet newborn booties
color: pink poodle
I wanted to share with you my latest creation...I haven't done baby booties in awhile so I decided to work on some recently.  These here are so small (2inches long).  I think they came out so adorable.  They tie up on top (ankle area).  The yarn I used was a soft acrylic baby yarn by Vanna's Choice color: pink poodle.  The flowers I had in a basket to use for projects and I thought it was perfect for these little cute booties. 

I have more and will share once I crop the pictures and get them looking right.  I hope you like these ...I really enjoyed making them.

Oh and they are machine washable too!!!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crochet Mini IPad Cover

ItI had mentioned before that I had started making these e-reader covers I had made them for a dear friend of mine in a bright bold color.  I actually had made it for her Kindle.  Then I realized you know I can make these for just about anything anyone wants to put in them like a mini I-Pad or a Kindle. 

I do tend to keep my stitch pattern that  simple and I prefer to make them all made from 100% cotton yarn (Sugar and Cream yarn) for easy care and durability (because of the thickness of the yarn).  Now again as I have mentioned before you can make them with 100% acrylic yarn as well. The covers can be washed and I do recommend dry flat.

These covers/caddies are a great way to protect your devices while stashed away in your purse or bag.

The cover measures approximately 7-1/2" by 6" closed and they do have a stretch to fit most Kindles, Nooks and mini Ipads or similar sized readers.

I think when making these make them how you want them not how someone else tells you.  However, if you have a dear friend like I have that did tell me what she wanted (color) then you do it for them.  I think when you see the variety that is out there you can go with those great ideas and come up with your style.

Have fun making these!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Crochet Flower Boomarks

Here I go again...showing more love to my left over yarn. I LOVE IT!

I start of by crochet a small flower and when I get it to the size I want I then continue to crochet a chain to the desired length and then I attach a cute charm or button or just leave it like that.  

I like to keep it all the same color but in some of these I have decide to go out of my comfort zone and use different colors where the flower is one color and the chain tail is another color.

These are great for little gifts to give to your favorite book club group, teachers or party favor.

Again, just another way to use your leftover yarn and some beads or charms just to jazz it up more.

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