Thursday, September 24, 2015

Crochet Hat and Scarf sets
color: earth&sky
So I know when I go to a store and I see a hat and scarf set I see mostly knitted (factory knitted) sets.  I wish I would see more crochet sets.  I say this because I feel it would give customers more of choice in style from a crocheting perspective.  But hey it’s ok more room for me to make my own …right? You know my mother knits and crochets and no matter how much I want to I never do it…knit! I find it too difficult to hold my knitting needles.
color: pink

Anyway here I am showing you a few of my sets that I have enjoyed making in the past and recently.  I also make the crochet fingerless gloves as well to go with them if people request them when they order from me.  But for the most part I just do the hat and scarf set.

My creations are made with 100% acrylic yarn that I have purchased at AC Moore or Michaels.   I add fringes on some and most I don’t.  I also start working on my sets more or less around summer time to have them ready by mid-September just in time for the fall.  I would say for me to make one set it would take me (non-stop) about 1 week and depending on how long you want your scarf and/or how wide or long you want you hat I would say make sure you have at least 3-4 skeins of yarn.  I can tell you for the two I am showing here it took 3. 

Here’s my message to you…keep me in mind when the weather gets cold, look for one of my creations that will keep you warm and trendy and it’s crochet.

My cold weather hat and scarf sets will keep you warm and ensure you look stylish even as the temperature get a bid too much to handle (burrrr … cold).  My sets are machine washable and I prefer to line dry my hats .

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Crochet Shawls

Depending on your choice of style, this self-shaping rectangle shawl can be worked thick and warm for winter or delicate and lacy for a summer evening.  I started making these when I just feel in love with the way they could be worn and how they felt wrapped around me.

crochet shawl (tangerine)
I have made others in the similar style but different colors and yarn.  Most of mine will measure approximately 52Lx14W.  It definitely will and can take about 5-6 skeins of yarn.
crochet shawl w/ wooden shawl pin (purple)

Depending on the yarn type you to make your shawl I would say not to machine dry.  You definitely can machine wash it in cold water and line dry or if you prefer the drier put it in for a very short period.

I also would dress it up with a wooden shawl pin.  All of mine I purchased at Lion Brand Yarn.  You can get them pretty much anywhere but I liked the ones I saw here and got most of mine from LB.
You can add fringes at the ends if you want to add more character to your shawls…my next one will have those (currently my ponchos all have fringes).

These are perfect for gifts as well.  It’s simple and practical and just pretty!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trends We Love

From what I see now a lot of the accessories (to me) tend to have a look and feel what years past. I like knowing that I still have pieces of accessories (obviously before I started making my own) that are back in style.

yolandascreations.storenvy.comI have always enjoyed wearing short necklaces and I remember one day wanting to wear a long thin one that I felt would look nice with my outfit. I actual felt like I was going against all accessory rules! I was a rebel I guess...I wore it!
yolandascreations.storenvy.comAnd now look at this it's actually perfectly fine to layer on the necklaces...from short with long or suede choker with a long silver necklaces...I guess in a way it's like stacking your bracelets it no longer needs to be only one bracelet or one color or one type, you can layer the skinny bracelets with chunky bangles or even a toggle.

Be adventurous...give it a try!

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