Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Neck Warmers for him or her....

I have been super busy creating so many things and I am finally back up to write you something about them.

I started crocheting these cool neck warmers (or some call them cowls).  I actually made them for my husband ...he was saying he didn't want to wear a bulky scarf to shovel snow.  So I saw something similar to this on Pinterest .  Once I measured, took apart, measured again (for my husband LOL) I finally got the hang of how to make these (my version that is).


I crochet these with soft acrylic yarn and of course these are UNISEX which I totally love!  They have the perfect stretch to it so it will fit a guy or a girl. 

This neck warmer honestly didn't take a lot of yarn which was great for the leftover yarn I still had around I will recommend always to machine wash and dry (follow the instructions on the skein of yarn you use).

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Leather Bracelets...

I love wearing bracelets...bracelets to me are like wrist candy! You can stack them up with other bracelets as well...no one said you can't do that! Well if there is someone that said that I am not listening! LOL

So I came across this site and fell in love with how simple and creative it was to make these leather bracelets with memory wire.
www.yolandascreations.storenvy.comI love that I can make them as big or as small and I can add as much or as little leather or beads even charms.

I have worn these with stretchy bracelets and even my crochet bracelets

I actually enjoy making something that is simple yet sassy and chic.  It can be worn up or down (your outfit that is).

Have fun making some for yourself or a BFF! 

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Wrap Around Bracelet...

Let me first say that these to me are fun to make and they do not take that much time to create (as long as you know what colors and style you are going to make ahead of this project).

You know I have said I love to wear accessories for a while now! well this one goes without saying I love to make and wear.
Turquoise & Grey
Of course you start with your memory wire and I tend to count about 6-10 rings before I cut (remember once you have made one you can gauge how much you need to make your bracelet)chunky.  I also like to use Miyuki seed beads depending on what look and style I am trying to accomplish.  

Tan and Antique Gold
I use my nose plier to create a loop on one end so when I start to string the beads they have a place to end at and stay put.  Just keep stringing till you get to the other end and close it off.  IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Trust me. 
Again, this to me is so simple and yet you can make it be what you want simple to extravagant depending on what colors and style beads you are using or want to use.  Don't just use beads add charms to it as well and also if you use heavy beads use them more in the middle of the bracelet because I think that tends to turn people away from wrapping it around their wrist.
Visit my online store at yolandascreations.storenvy.com to view all of my other creations and stay tune for more of these as I make them.

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