Sunday, June 22, 2014

Crochet Mini Basket...

I enjoy knowing that my leftover yarn doesn't go to waste.  I have made big and small flowers, mini pompoms on paperclips, mini purse charms and the list can go on and on.

I sometimes have leftover yarn that is good enough to made for example one coaster but not enough to made 2 of them.  I recently decided to make some mini crochet baskets and add some buttons to them to give them a little more character.

Certain things that I crochet I prefer to make with cotton yarn and others with acrylic.  These that I made recently are all made from 100% cotton yarn.  I will make some others using the acrylic and post those soon.

Think of the all the endless possibilities you have with leftover yarn...don't give up on those left over pieces that are good for one thing but won't be good enough for another.

Hope you like these that I made and hopefully it will inspire you to make some of your own.

Happy crocheting!!! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Purple, Amethyst, Orchid

Fabric Necklace
color: purple and grey
I love wearing this color - purple.  The shades of purple come in so many hues and variations from amethyst, lavender, and lilac, orchid even violet.
Crochet Poncho
color: Plum
I was told one time by a co-worker that this color looked great on me.  I had never worn this color before.  I wore a cute top that was a gift from a friend and being that it was purple I was oh wow pretty color – never had one in purple. So since I was told I should wear this color more often I started to buy more outfits in this color and started to look through all of my accessories for anything purple.  If I didn’t have it I made it.  I actually did look great in this color tone.

I have been told and have read that purple is a royalty color and believe it or not it does make me feel that way! NICE! 
Wire Wrapped Bracelet
color: amethyst
I have crocheted a beautiful soft poncho in this color – actually the name of the yarn is called plum.  I have also made long necklaces in this color of which when you put all the different shades of purple colored beads together it does look rich.
I suggest for those of you who don’t really care too much for this color (for whatever reason…which is fine too) try to make something in this color palette you’d be surprise the beautiful art work you might come out with.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Earring Assortment

I know I have said before that I love wearing accessories.  Earrings to me make an outfit (along with all of the other accessories) it just pulls it together.

You can dress up your earrings or dress them down.  It all depends on your style you know? From chandelier style earrings to glass beads, acrylic or even antique metal earrings - you call the style and the earrings will complete it.  Now lets not go all crazy and pick something that won't complement your face.  You have to take that into consideration just as much as the color and style.

For example, long faces should use or can use chandelier earrings; a rounder fuller face will look better in long and dangly earrings because it will make your face look thinner; and lets not forget if you are trying to look professional don't wear flashy earrings.  Now this is just me suggesting what I think would look good but you can wear whatever your heart desires.

I love chandelier earrings but I have to wear those with my hair up because it just blends in too much with my hair and it will take away from my showing off my pretty earrings.  I love how hoop earrings look on me but I have to as well wear my hair up and away from my face.  Little earrings are nice for a casual outfit (for me).  Either way pick what will compliment your face and your outfit.  Try different colors that will stand out and compliment your complexion.

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